About Ray


 Whether you knew Ray Orrock in person or through his daily column, it is likely you can concede to something the Orrock family agreed on shortly after his passing. We have simply resigned ourselves to the fact that there is just no conceivable way to explain who, exactly, Ray Orrock is. No way, at least, that can do justice to a man whose time on this earth was not solely a rare and treasured gift to others, but was also absolutely savored in every way.                           

In 1971, Ray was offered a job writing columns - about whatever he wanted - at the Daily Review in Hayward, California. A husband and father of five, he weighed the potential consequences of giving up his higher-paying job as a juvenile parole officer. His exceptionally remarkable wife, Marlene, saw it differently. Seeing it as an opportunity for Ray to utilize his extraordinary talent doing something he loved, she knew the choice was natural.

The decision for Ray to embark on what would be a 35 year-long career as a widely syndicated columnist was one of the best they ever made. It defined the kind of person Ray was and defines each and every member of his family every day.

The only way to offer an explanation of Ray Orrock or his columns is to allow him to tell you himself.

The Jaborrocky Project is committed to archiving and making available what we hope will be nearly every column written by Ray Orrock in his 35 year-long career. These columns were written in a different time, but remain as relevant, funny, witty, and downright enjoyable as the day they were printed.

So make yourself a salami sandwich, grab a nice cold glass of milk (or a Bourbon & Seven depending on what sort of day you've had), sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy it all again - or for the first time.

Enjoy reading Ray Orrock.

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