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The Jaborrocky Project

     The Jaborrocky Project is the somewhat more official sounding name given to the goings-on between a girl, her grandfather, and a high-speed document scanner. But it sure does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it? 
The fact is, however, that this dressed-up title for a project that sounds relatively mundane has become serendipitous, slightly magical, and one of the most enjoyable processes I have ever been a part of. 
         Aside from the fact that my grandfather is my most favorite person, this process was initiated because our family possesses an incredibly unique gift. We have Ray's thoughts, ideas, witticisms, whimsies, and words for nearly every day of 35 years of his life. And we have them in....well....a bunch of boxes in a closet. Which is precisely why I  finally decided to dive in.
         Ray Orrock's columns were enjoyed by readers all over the bay area and beyond. Among the boxes of columns are boxes and boxes of letters from readers - all very different people with varying stories - but similar in that nearly every letter includes an expression of gratitude. There are so many who "grew up reading Ray every morning with my family at the breakfast table" or at every lunch break, every train ride, or every evening  after supper. Ray's columns were written to be enjoyed and succeeded in providing smiles, tears, and giggle-fits to countless readers. This is what his columns should continue to do - be read, be enjoyed.
And considering the sophisticated way in which my grandfather stored his writings, wrapped in manila folders secured with rubber bands, I'm supposing it's not a bad thing they're being archived as well. They won't all be scanned in perfectly straight. Some may have crease lines or the ink worn in spots  - but every effort is made to simply make them readable. Several columns are embellished with scribbles and notes Ray wrote to himself - which only add to their charm.
      But what began as a project of pride on behalf of a dutiful granddaughter has taken on a different and wonderful life.  I am fairly certain my grandfather is often sitting next to me, watching me organize, scan, title, date, archive, link, and sometimes curse obscenities at my computer, saying things like "Alright, Nick!" or "Now, wait a minute. How did you do that?" or "Aw, Geez! I just got mustard on my damned shirt!"
And I love it.
So, as representative of The Jaborrocky Project (but certainly not sole member of, as every member of the Orrock clan has played a tremendous role in keeping Ray's stories, work, and presence very much alive) , I welcome you to the site. The Jaborrocky Project is committed to archiving and making available nearly every column written by Ray Orrock in his 35 year-long career. We are also committed to preserving and sharing the man and everything that is the spirit and delight of Ray Orrock.
     Anika Orrock,
     Marlene Orrock, Jim Orrock, Bill Orrock, Chris Orrock, Rocki Boyle, CJ O'Brien, Mark Orrock, 
     their respective families, and, of course, Ray Orrock